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Patriot Products CVB-2455H 24-Inch Honda Gas Powered Walk Behind 3-In-1 Leaf Vacuum/Chipper/Blower

Honda’s GX series commercial engine makes this the ultimate three-in-one clean-up machine. In the yard or on the driveway you can clear a wide 24-inch path in a single pass. Should you encounter fallen branches while cleaning your yard, simply chip them into tiny pieces by feeding them into the cone. With the flip of a handle you can convert this hungry beast into a powerful blower. The Honda engine delivers all the smooth, quiet, fuel efficient power you will need to make fall clean-up a breeze.

Patriot Products CVB-2465B 24-Inch Briggs & Stratton Gas Powered Walk Behind 3-In-1 Leaf Vacuum/Chipper/Blower

The CBV-2465B does it all. It will chip thick 2-inch branches by feeding them into the solid cast aluminum cone. You can clear a 24-inch wide path as it vacuums up leaves and lawn debris. Special Y-flail blades reduce the debris and blow it into the 4-bushel collection bag or you can direct the mulch back into the lawn. The collection bag features a hooded vent to reduce dust and directs dust down and away from the operator. This unit converts on the fly into a powerful blower. This feature makes it great for cleaning sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. Our 3-in-1 yard cleanup machine is powered by a 6-1/2-hp Briggs engine and backed by a 2-year warranty for homeowners and 180-day for commercial users. This machine is true leaf relief. You can end that fall leaf cleanup nightmare with the Patriot all-in-one cleanup tool.